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What can we do to help?

Our university solicitors at Watkins & Gunn understand that students pay substantial amounts of money to study at university and also invest a significant amount of time with their studies. As such, students should receive the support and services they have paid for. Our higher education lawyers can help you raise a valid and robust formal complaint in order to increase the prospects of a successful and swift resolution.

Our higher education solicitors can help you navigate the complex processes and procedures via the University’s internal complaints procedure and regulations. Universities across England and Wales will have their own individual policies or regulations, so it important to know the exact deadlines and grounds of complaint that apply. It is therefore important to contact our university lawyers urgently as there usually are very tight deadlines to raise a valid formal complaint or appeal.

Why instruct us?

Our university solicitors are experienced in drafting and submitting formal complaints. Our university lawyers will help to draft a robust complaint from the very outset in order to ensure your complaint has the best possible chance of success.

University law can involve complicated processes with strict rules, deadlines and regulations. Our university solicitors can help you navigate these complex processes and make sure that your complaint is clear, concise and robust. Our higher education solicitors will provide clear advice on the prospects of your complaint and inform you the best possible way to achieve your outcomes.

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